Friesen Livestock Nutrition is privately owned and a proud Canadian company. In our world of mergers and acquisitions, we are one of the few 100% Canadian owned Animal Nutrition companies remaining. By manufacturing our products in the heart of Western Canada, we have the unique ability to serve our customers in the 4 Western Prairie Provinces and the Western US States.

United States

North Western US States like Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California are well served by our Great Falls, Montana branch. Friesen Nutrition is focused on delivering the highest quality animal nutrition to swine, poultry and beef producers in the NW USA.


Friesen Livestock Nutrition has proven over the past years that our quality products are effective in North America. In the past 6 years, we have started many international business relationships and ventures to integrate into various parts of the world. We believe that our business model works well and our products are of the highest quality to be integrated into the Middle East, Asian, South American, Central American and European markets. We are ready for any challenges presented in various species in various regions of the world.