Allow our poultry team of experts at FRIESEN Livestock Nutrition develop a feeding program that gets results in your Pullet, Layer and Broiler barns. Our nutritional and sales team has decades of poultry experience which can make a big difference.

We think that water is one of the most important nutrients in any livestock operation. We start with analyzing the water quality and determine how the feeds will need to compensate for lack of nutrients. We also balance the feed to compensate for the over abundance of certain nutrients available through the water and feedstuffs.

Our Nutrition Software:

Friesen Livestock Nutrition uses one of the most sophisticated computer software programs in the world to balance 100′s of nutrients simultaneously called WIM.

Pullet & Layer Programs:

Our goal is to gain the weight of pullets as set out by each genetic company. We follow the growth chart up to maturity while balancing the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, energy and fibre. Reaching lay stages, we compensate for higher nutrient level requirements as egg production consistently increase in percentage of production and size.

Friesen Livestock Nutrition is focused on the under grade eggs, shell quality, yolk color and production percentage. Eggs laid per hen housed is a good indicator which takes into account the mortality in each barn. It is critical to be proactive in poultry nutrition as production can suffer greatly without foresight in predicting possible problems.

Broiler & Roaster Programs:

Friesen Livestock Nutrition also has a very specific broiler chicken program. We focus on broiler and roaster chickens intended for meat. Our broiler producers always focus on a fast turn-around and meeting the processor weight requirements. To achieve these goals, Friesen Livestock Nutrition uses specific broiler feeds balanced with Enzymes, VTM, Amino Acid and Nutraceuticals.

Turkey Program:

Friesen Livestock Nutrition provides a turkey program with many features and benefits. Our turkey producers are accustomed to having consistent growth and low mortality while meeting their weight requirements for processing.

Ducks & Geese:

It has been said that Friesen Livestock Nutrition has the best duck and goose premix. With a 12 week growth window, producers try to minimize the pin feathers and meet their 3 kg dressed weight. The meat is very tender and retains moisture very well to allow for juicy duck meat. Even and consistent growth is always important to minimize the variations in size. Friesen Livestock Nutrition prides itself in the quality of the meat produced by using balanced.