At Friesen Livestock Nutrition, we know pigs! We are experts in the field of feeding modern production hog farms. Many of our customers receive awards for the outstanding quality and health of their animals. With a balanced approach, we can help you get the most out of your barn.

WIM Nutrition Software:

Friesen Livestock Nutrition uses the latest nutrition formulation software called WIM. We analyze the unique feedstuff, protein and energy sources available at each individual farm. We analyze the water to determine the quality so that the feeds can be balanced to each stage of production starting from the breeding, gestation and lactation herds and continuing to nurseries, growing and finishing animals. We are then better able to improve the feed by topping up the deficient nutrients and balancing energy, amino acids, fats and fibres. WIM is automated to look at hundreds of nutrients simultaneously to balance the feed for optimum growth and feed conversion in each stage of production.

Swine Genetics:

Today’s swine genetics are much more sophisticated than ever before. Friesen Livestock Nutrition is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art micro and macro nutrition to the top performing lines of swine genetics which really make big differences in the feed conversion, growth rates and the quality of pork being produced. With many swine genetic companies focusing on genetic dissemination and reduction of genetic lag of their hyper prolific gilts, it presents special challenges in balancing the stage-fed nutrition required to achieve consistency in pork production.

To achieve the genetic potentials, Friesen Livestock Nutrition customizes the nutrition for each producer as environments, management and market weights vary. Processing swine is different from plant to plant and certainly the market of each processor has specific requirements in backfat, lean, marbling, color etc.


Friesen Livestock Nutrition offers analytical services of grains and water, consultancy services, management advice, market information and much more.
Our interests lie in determining initial state of the feeds, feedstuffs and water. We analyze rations and forages for mycotoxins, vitamins, minerals, protein, energy, fat, fibre and other nutrients.