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USA+1 406-452-5633
Friesen Nutrition Bull Mineral

Bull Mineral

BF 5033 REG#641142

Friesen Nutrition bull
  • Meets the nutritional needs of the most genetically improved, high producing bulls—even when consuming variable or poor quality forages or late season pastures
  • Improves hoof hardness– harder hooves are higher in calcium, phosphorous, zinc and copper and lower in sodium, potassium and iron!!!
  • Fewer repeat breedings
  • Fewer open days
  • Increased immune responses
  • Improved hoof integrity
  • Improved semen quantity and quality
  • Improves and maintains mineral consumption. Stimulates growth and health of rumen “bugs” which improves rumen function which increases dry matter intake (especially beneficial in active bulls on variable or poor quality forages or pastures)
  • Helps attract bulls to minerals and maintain consumption.
  • Accommodates cattle consuming forages low in selenium—acidic soils.
  • Improves fertility
  • Reduces “Sandcracks” (Vertical Fissures) from Hoof Trauma, Uneven Ground,Dehydration or Laminitis.
  • Controls rate of production and deposition of keratin hoof protein
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