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Mature Breeding Bulls

Our Ruby vitamins and minerals are designed to maintain the nutrient status of mature breeding bulls.

Friesen Nutrition Inc.’s Ruby vitamins and minerals are designed to maintain the nutrient status of mature breeding bulls.

Ruby Mineral Formula provides adequate nutrients that aid in reducing the incidence of deficiencies that hinder efficient sperm production, weight management, and breeding status.

Ruby is designed for year round supplementation for mature breeding bulls. Depending on the quality of forage, breeding status, and nutrient demand of your bull, the feeding rate can be increased or decreased to meet their needs. Ruby can be fed as a loose mineral, molasses-based lick tub, salt lick, or formulated into a well-balanced ration depending on your operation’s needs.

  • Year-round supplementation for mature bulls
  • Prevents deficiencies that may cause decrease in sperm production, weight loss, and decreased breeding efficiency
  • Calcium to phosphorus ration 1.5:1
  • Weather resistant/No dust or set-up
  • Ensures consistent consumption
  • Higher availability for enhanced breeding performance /helps counteract performance problems due to abnormal mineral interactions (tie-ups)
  • Healthy bulls for year-round breeding or sperm collection
  • No need for additional salt
  • Higher availability for efficiency absorption
Feeding directions
  • It is recommended to feed Ruby Mineral Formula at a rate of 0.20 ounce per 100 pounds of body weight.
  • This rate can be adjusted by your nutritionist based on the nutrient status of your herd.
  • Please provide adequate, fresh, clean water to cattle at all times.

WARNING: This supplement is formulated for ruminant animals only. Please do not feed to sheep, goats, or horses.

Guaranteed Analysis
Phosphorus...Min. 6.5%
Salt...Max. 15.5%
Sodium...Max. 6.5%
Magnesium...Min. 3.0%
Potassium...Min. 2.0%
Copper...Min. 2,500 ppm
Cobalt...Min. 50 ppm
Manganese...Min. 3,500 ppm
Selenium...Min. 12 ppm
Zinc...Min. 4,000 ppm
Vitamin A...Min. 80,000 IU/lb.
Vitamin D...8,000 IU/lb.
Vitamin E...500 IU/lb.

Each color represents a specially designed product because beef nutrition is not black and white. Our formulas are designed to meet the health and breeding requirements of your herd and contain balanced micro and trace minerals to supplement available forage for different times of the year.

Ask your Friesen nutrition representative how the FNI imPact mineral program can help.

FNI imPact Mineral Program

Friesen Nutrition Inc.’s imPact vitamin and mineral supplement packages are designed to match the nutritional needs of your operation depending on quality forage availability and quality, cattle health, and environment factors impacting the nutrient status of your herd.

Our year-round supplementation program provides unique nutrition to cows, first time heifers, growing and mature bulls, freshly weaned calves, and stocker calves.

Our formulas are designed to meet the health and reproduction needs to reduce nutrient deficiencies while improving animal efficiency and performance.

Supplements included in this package are a coarse granular form that can be formulated for free choice mineral, molasses-based lick tubs, lick cubes, or a well-balanced ration formulated based on your operation.

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