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FRIESEN MOLD INHIBITOR(FMI) Poultry Specialty Products

Product SKU: 63U

Friesen Nutrition Mold Inhibitor
  • Organic Acids (4)
  • Specific combination of CFIA registered Anti-Caking Agents and Flow Aids which inherently contain some anti-mycotoxin properties
  • Fine Particle Size
  • Inhibit mold growth in grains and feed. Lower gut pH
  • Assist animals and birds to bind certain mycotoxins (like ergot alkaloids and aflatoxins)
  • Ensure penetration into cracks and crevices in grain or feed to contact molds
  • Reduces anti-nutritional compounds normally found in soybean meal. These include trypsin inhibitor, stachyose and raffinose oligosaccharides and B-Conglycinin and Glycinin Antigens
  • Prevents a FIIR (Feed Induced Immune Response) caused by Beta 1-4 Mannans found in Soybean Meal and other Protein Meals and Grains like Wheat.
  • Compete with or exclude gut pathogens to improve microflora balance and gut wellness. Less digestive upsets and less mortality or morbidity from enteric challenges. Better ADG, F/G and Litter Quality.
  • Stimulate the growth of beneficial gut microflora expanding digestive capacity.
  • Bind to pathogens or their binding sites in the gut preventing their attachment and “neutralizing” them. Better ADG and F/G
  • Alter Anti-Inflammatory immune pathways to reduce energy requirements
  • The combination of 10 protected and un-protected acids with different pKa dissociation constants helps lower pH along the entire GI tract. This helps to reduce pathogens and improve digestion.
  • Butyrate is a known preferred “fuel” for villi growth and is especially important in early, rapid gut development in poultry
  • Increases the number of Intestinal Glucose Transporters.
  • Improves energy uptake
  • Prevent and / or bind ammonia in gut to reduce reduce ammonia in blood, manure and barn environment.
  • Known to have anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, immune and pathogen binding properties.
  • Enhance appetite, improve enzyme secretions into gut, inhibit growth of pathogenic microflora and enhance immune response. Better ADG, F/G and Litter Quality
  • Prevent fats and oils in diets from going rancid and inhibiting the health of gut microflora. Less birds “off-feed” or with reduced feed intake, especially in hot months
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