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Friesen Nutrition dry cleaners
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Commercial Dry Cleaning Products

Reducing point of process cost in the dry cleaning industries calls for a superior product with a great track record. ATO SOLV DRY and CRYSTAL Product lines are not only superior replacements for other cleaning chemical such as PERC, but can improve process effeciences upwards 30-35% with Shorter Cycle Times and reduce Waste Hauling Cost by 25-90%


Crystal Clean

Non-chlorinated, Non-flammable, Non-hazardous Solvent for Dry Cleaning

  • Direct replacement for perchlor and other cleaning chemicals in the dry cleaning industry that may work in your existing perchlor dry cleaning machine.
  • Research has shown ATO SOLV DRY to be superior to PERC in that it cleans better, and cleans faster.
  • Used as an emulsifier in washing machines or as pre-spotter when applied directly on fabrics.
  • ATO SOLV DRY is non-hazardous according to the US DOT, costly issues such as environmental compliance and waste disposal of PERC are eliminated or significantly reduced.
  • 30-35% Shorter Cycle Times (26-34 minutes, depending on equipment)
  • Uses 75% Less Steam Pressure of PERC(15 psi for ATO SOLV DRY vs 60 psi for PERC)
  • Decreased Utilities by 30% on Average
  • Lower Boiling Temperature (160F vs 250F for PERC)
  • Lower Drying Temperature (120F)
  • 30-35% Shorter Drying Cycles
  • Reduced Running Time of Dry Cleaning Machine 25-30%
  • Higher Garment Throughput for Reduced Labor Expense (keeps your pressers busy)
  • Shut Boiler down Earlier in the Day (less energy usage)
  • No Filters required (straight distillation process)
  • Run on only 2 tanks (1 operating, 1 storage)
  • Reduced Waste Hauling Cost by 25-90%.
  • ATO SOLV DRY is a Non Hazardous Waste.
  • Generates about 50% Less Lint and Waste

Crystal Liquid Stain Remover

Liquid laundry stain remover with solvents.

Friesen Nutrition crystal stain remover


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