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Firesen Nutrtion Boar pig

EZBreed Swine Specialty Products

Product SKU: USA: 62U


friesen pair of pigs
  • Significant Levels of B-Vitamins
  • Natural Source of Vitamin E
  • High Level of Energy from Digestible Fats
  • Beta-Glucanase and Cellulase Enzymes
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids and other Fats/Oils
  • Organic Acid
  • Live Yeast
  • Sweeteners, Flavors, Aroma
  • Improved follicle numbers and quality for more viable piglets (>1kg) born in NEXT litter. Shorten days to 1st service, higher conception rate, fewer repeats, higher farrowing rate.
  • Prevent backfat loss in late lactation, especially when appetite is low or in hot weather. “Flushes” sow with an energy “burst”, especially between weaning and breeding when feed consumption is low or variable.
  • Sows get more nutrients (mainly energy) from their feed, especially fibrous feeds.
  • Increases reproductive performance of sows and boars.
  • Lowers urine pH, which can reduce urinary tract infections and create a better environment for successful conception (especially where water pH is >8).
  • Inhibits bacteria and their toxins to enhance gut health, stimulates feed intake, improves stool consistency.
  • Increases feed intake at a critical time, masks any fluctuations in ingredient levels, types or quality in on-farm diets.
  • Helps offset effects of stress or disease challenges. Stimulates immune system.
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