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Product SKU: 63U

Friesen Nutrition Mold Inhibitor
  • Organic Acids (4)
  • Specific combination of CFIA registered Anti-Caking Agents and Flow Aids which inherently contain some anti-mycotoxin properties
  • Fine Particle Size
  • Improve feed intake, calcium absorption, bone structure and/or egg shell quality
  • Increase ability to handle stress, improve fertility, immune responses and prevent muscle degeneration
  • Enhanced liver function, feet and skin condition and gut lining integrity
  • Assist animals and birds to detoxify and/or bind a broad spectrum of mycotoxins
  • Bind certain mycotoxins
  • Improve the immune-competency of animals and birds being challenged by mycotoxins
  • Help protect and detoxify liver exposed to mycotoxins
  • Cleave / Bio-transform certain mycotoxins (like vomitoxin and zearalenone) in gut to reduce their toxicity
  • Ensure penetration into cracks and crevices in grain or feed to contact molds and mycotoxins
  • Inhibit mold growth in grains and feed. Lower gut pH
  • Assist animals to bind certain mycotoxins (like ergot alkaloids and aflatoxins)
  • Ensure penetration into cracks and crevices in grain or feed to contact molds
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