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Look at feed formulation in a whole new “whole farm”way—not just 1 formula at a time.

WIM was developed by a team of Nutritionists with advanced degrees and a combined total of more than 60 years of industry experience

A “Holistic” Program Module separate but linked to Friesen Nutrition Feed Formulation Software (FNFFS) to do whole farm complex feed formulations “all at once” and analyses of ingredient usage and potential savings


  • Formula specifications for all the diets used on a farm unit in FNFFS
  • List of available Ingredients and their current Prices in FNFFS
  • Analyses of main grains and proteins for Moisture, Protein, Fat, Ash and at least 2 of the 3 fibres (CF-Crude Fibre, ADF-Acid Detergent Fibre, NDF-Neutral Detergentt Fibre) to calculate their energy and available amino acid FNFFS
  • Tonnes of each Formula manufacture/month for the WIM Program Module

Features Benefits

  • Helps decide the monthly financial cost savings of using one or more new ingredient(s)
  • Helps calculate the pay back on a new ingredient bin(s)
  • Calculates the “‘shadow price” of new ingredient(s)
  • Helps predict ingredient monthly cost and usage rate of all ingredients when ingredient prices are “moving and shifting”
  • Calculates the whole farm cost of restricting (“stretching”) or “forcing in” ingredient(s) NOTE: When ingredients are “restricted” or ‘forced” the program uses the ingredient(s) where they make the farm the most profit—always honouring the individual formula specification parameters.
  • Gives customers average cost /month for each ingredient, cost/tonne of each feed formula, average farm feed cost/tonne and each ingredient cost as % of total feed bill.
  • Allows the comparison of Present Set of Formulas to a Former Set of Formulas

Swine Nutrition

FRIESEN has developed the most advanced swine nutrition software program in the industry to give our producers the optimum nutrition formulation required by today’s advanced genetic requirements. We analyze the unique feedstuffs, protein & energy sources available at each individual farm for very specific nutrient components in order to BALANCE multiple ingredients to meet the nutrient requirements in each stage of production.

We analyze the water, known as the most important nutrient in all production facilities, to identify the nutrient(s) availability in excess or deficiency, which will determine the stage-formulated feed nutrients required to be adjusted accordingly. Our nutrition formulation software simultaneously analyses, calculates and balances each stage-formulated feed to hundreds of nutrient parameters for optimal growth potential and feed efficiency.

friesen big pig

Swine Genetics

Today’s swine genetics are much more sophisticated than ever before. FRIESEN is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art micro premix, macro premix nutrition for the top performing lines of swine genotypes which really make a big difference in feed conversion, growth rates and quality of pork produced. With many swine genetic companies focusing on genetic dissemination and reduction of genetic lag of their hyper prolific gilts, it represents special challenges in balancing the stage-fed nutrition required to achieve consistency in pork production.

To achieve the genetic potentials, FRIESEN customizes the nutrition for each producer as environments, management and market weights vary greatly. Processing swine carcasses varies from plant to plant and certainly the market of each processor has specific requirements in carcass weights, back fat, lean, marbling, colour etc. Carcass qualities such as shrinkage, cross-sectional two toning & paleness, water holding capacities are directly & indirectly influenced by nutrition and are important in defining the yield of the carcass. Stress from weaning, processing, vaccinations, moving, crowding, mixing pens, temperature fluctuations, feed changes, low water quality, dehydration, disease challenges and unbalanced feeds from ingredient & feedstuffs variations can lead to unsatisfactory carcass qualities in addition to uneven growth, production decline and under-performing herds in general.


At FRIESEN, we know pigs!


We are experts in the field of feeding modern production hog farms. Many of our customers receive awards for outstanding quality, health and carcass weight consistency of their animals. With a BALANCED approach, we can help you achieve the most out of your barn(s).

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